Why big pedal arrow tag pin is better than thin pedal tag pin?

Ans:We strongly recommend you buy our "Arrow" brand of standard tag pins for tagging the price tags, instead of using other brands, since the bottom pedal of our this particular brand of tag pins is wider and bigger when compared with other brands. It reduces chances of the price tag slipping out of the tag pin, theft in trial rooms and shopping stores. If the pedal of the tag pin is small, then some miscreants in a trail room may exchange price-tag of a high cost product with that of a low cost product, and walk out of the stores by paying at the billing counter, the amount of low cost garment. Huge monetary loss could occur in such instance to owners of such stores. For such stores we strongly recommended use of our standard ARROW tag pins, since their bottom pedal is big, it becomes almost impossible for miscreants for remove and/or exchange between garments/products price tags. Buy smart, sell smart. Buy only standard ARROW tag pins. (Please note : all our brands of tag pins are individually shrink packed and each box has one respective brand hologram.)

Which type of tag gun is most suitable for Standard tag pins...?

Ans:   Arrow 9S, Arrow 9L

Which type of tag gun is most suitable for Fine tag pins...?

Ans:   Arrow 9F, Tagstar XB

Difference between standard and fine tag pins...?

Ans:   Pedal of the fine tag pin is more thinner comapre to standard tag pins but equally stronger.

Which type of tag gun has a long life and a body of polycarbonate material...?

Ans:   Tagstar SA, Tagstar SB, Tagstar XB

How to make a fast and effective tagging ...?

Ans:   Use TGIT machine ( Tag Gun Implement Tool ), Many times faster than a tag gun tagging.

Which type of tag pins don't need a tag gun ...?

Ans:   Loop Pin and Loop Tie Pin ( Hand Tag Fasteners )

What is the use of V pin...?

Ans:   Normally tagged to a pair of garments which share a single price tag. This is also used to lock zip movement in packages.