When you press the trigger switch, the unit does not work.

  • Check if the power cord is correctly plugged in and the switch is on. If not, then plug in correctly and make sure the switch is on.
  • Check if the voltage rating of the spray gun is the same as the voltage rating in your region.
  • Check the fuse in the spray gun to make sure it has not blown. If it fused, then change the blown fuse with a new fuse (see the Product Maintenance section for more instructions on changing the fuse)

Unit does not spray solvent.

  • Make sure that the solvent has been filled into the jar. If solvent is not there or is very less solvent, then fill the jar up with the solvent.
  • Ensure that the nozzle cap is removed in the straight nozzle spray guns. If not, then remove it.
  • Check that the suction pipe is not loose, it must be tightened properly, however ensure that you do not over tight it.
  • Check that the pressure adjustment knob is not fully turned in. If it is, then turn it anticlockwise to release higher pressure in the spray gun. Do note, that if the pressure adjustment knob is fully turned anti-clockwise, then it is in the maximum pressure output setting.
  • Check that the Delivery Valve set is not damaged. If it is, then replace with spare provided, (Part No.17,18,19), or ensure that you have either replaced it with our original spares or have it sent for repair to your nearest dealer.
  • Check if the Delivery Valve set is damaged. If yes, replace with spare provided. (Part No.17,18,19)
  • Check that the Piston Spring is not broken. If it is then, have it replaced.

The spray is inconsistent.

  • This could happen if the nozzle has been blocked by contaminants / foreign objects. Check it, if is so, then clear the blockage by using high pressure compressed air over the nozzle or by gently removing the object by use of the nozzle cleaner provided with the Arrow brand of spray guns. However, be very careful not to damage the orifice of the nozzle, as this will completely make the nozzle useless. If there are no contaminants and still the spray is coming out inconsistent, then the nozzle of the spray gun has to be replaced with a new one. Contact the nearest Service Centre for supply of a new nozzle.

The spray gun is on, but there is no spray coming out nor there is any vibration. Instead you hear a humming sound.

  • The spray gun is on, but there is no spray coming out nor there is any vibration. Instead you hear a humming sound.
  • For any other type of problem please contact your nearest Service Centre (or us directly) for repairs and assistance on the same.
  • Important : Remove the plug from the power socket before you carry out any adjustment, servicing or maintenance on the spray gun.