Our Textile Cleaning Spray Guns have primarily been developed for spot removal of dirt, oil stains and other spots from textile fabrics and garments, mainly at the manufacturing stage. Solvents are sprayed at high pressure and velocity at the dirt spots, helping to shoot the dirt out from the fabric thereby removing the stains, without damaging the fabric. The spray velocity can be adjusted by the user, making it highly versatile in usage, as different fabrics require different levels of pressure to enable them to be cleaned without any damage. The versatility of our Textile Cleaning Spray Guns allows for a wide spectrum of uses.

The product can be used in areas like cleaning of textile fabrics, in the printing industry for cleaning of typesets and rollers, electronic industry for cleaning of PCBs, manufacturing industry for cleaning areas of machines which are not easily accessible, electronic/electrical industry for contact cleaning (with the power switched off), hair wigs industry / wig shops for cleaning of hair bases, for spraying pesticides on plants, rocks, stone slabs, tiles cleaning etc.

Textile Cleaning Spray Guns

Different Models of Spray Guns we produce

Our Textile Cleaning Spray Guns are available in 12 different models as detailed below:-

  • Arrow CM11 / Wonder TS11 / Chokho CK 11 – Our 11 series of Spray Guns (under our different brands) are designed in highly buffed aluminium alloy housing for rough usage. The 11 series of spray guns come fitted with a straight spray nozzle, which delivers a straight-line spray, making it more ideal for thick and medium woven fabrics or garments where the spray velocity / pressure required is on the higher side. This is ideal for application in areas where fewer type of fabrics (of less different thicknesses) are to be cleaned.
  • Arrow CM11A / Wonder TS11A / Chokho CK11A – These 11A series of Spray Guns are also similar in the construction of the 11 series of spray guns, with an exception to the nozzle. This 11A series of spray guns comes equipped with an Adjustable nozzle, which gives the operator a twin adjustment of the spray pressure and velocity, one on the spray gun itself (the pressure control knob located at the rear of the unit), and the other, a ring located on the nozzle. This gives the spray gun a much finer control of the spray pressure and velocity, making it a preferred option to use for all type of fabrics from delicate / fine fabrics to thick / closely woven fabrics. The pressure adjustment on the nozzle is done in a smooth and step-less movement also allowing the user to control the solvent outflow and area of spray. The spray achieved can be varied from a thin long high pressure spray to that of a short wide mist like spray.
  • Arrow CM16 / Wonder TS16 / Chokho CK16 – The 16 series of Spray Guns are designed in Glass Filled Nylon Plastic body, in attractive body colours. The construction of this series of spray guns are light weight but have high resistant to impact & heat. This 16 series of spray guns are equipped with a nozzle which delivers a straight-line spray, similar to the type in 11 series of spray guns, with the areas of usage also being such that there are fewer types of different thicknesses of fabrics to be cleaned.
  • Arrow CM16A / Wonder TS16A / Chokho CK16A – These 16A spray gun series are similar to the light weight body construction of the 16 series of spray guns. The 16A series of spray guns are fitted with Adjustable Nozzle. The construction and design of the nozzle remains similar to that as used in the 11A series of spray guns. The 16A series of spray guns can be used for different types of fabrics with different thicknesses thereby making it more versatile in usage.


  • Ensure you have checked with the voltage rating which is marked on the spray gun box pack, and please ensure that it is compatible with the voltage rating in the area where you wish to use it. For example, if the voltage rating is marked on the spray gun box as 220V AC, 50/60Hz, then it is important to note that the unit is ONLY suitable only in areas where the supplied voltage rating is of 220V AC.
  • Ensure that the unit is not used in a closed room. Please make sure that the area where the spray gun is going to be used is well ventilated.
  • It is VERY important to note that the Spray Gun is NOT to be used in presence of other equipments with open flames or sparks.
  • It is important that the spray gun is only used in a strictly NO SMOKING area. Do not leave the spray gun unit tilted, when not in use. The spray gun must be kept on a flat surface or hung on a spring tensioner when it is not used.


  • Plug in the unit into a suitable power socket.
  • Remove the solvent jar from the spray gun, ensure it is clean and free from any dirt / objects inside of the jar, and then fill the required solvent in it. Fix the solvent jar back tightly to prevent any kind of spillage of the solvent from the unit.

  • In the case of CM11, TS11, CK11, CM16, TS16 and CK16 models of spray guns, please remove the protective plastic cap from the straight nozzle by pulling it out, before you use the spray gun. If you switch on the unit without removing this plastic protective cap form the nozzle, you will surely cause serious damage to the spray gun and/or the user. Ensure that you plug the cap back on the nozzle once you have finished the work with the spray gun.
  • While cleaning of the garments/fabrics, try to sort out the fabrics into thick or closely woven, medium woven, light or loose woven. The pressure has to be adjusted individually to suit different types of fabrics. For cleaning any other articles, please select the spray pressure as needed. Wrong pressure setting can damage the fabric or cause inefficient cleaning.
  • Turning the pressure control knob at the rear of the spray gun in a clockwise direction reduces the pressure of solvent coming out of the spray gun. Please do not close it fully, since it may completely stop the solvent from coming out of the spray gun.
  • DO NOT POINT THE SPRAY GUN AT ANY PERSON OR ANIMAL, before or after switching the unit on. It can cause serious non-reversible injuries.
  • The spray pressure can be checked in the open air before actually using it on any item, to identify the ideal pressure that would be required. The spray could be adjusted as required and then used for the cleaning purpose.
  • Ensure that the unit is kept upright while on use, point the nozzle onto the article which needs cleaning, and then activate the spray gun by pressing the trigger switch. To stop the spray, just release your finger from the switch.
  • It may take just a few seconds after you press the switch, that the solvent in the jar of the spray gun starts getting sprayed out.
  • You may experience slight vibration and sound when the unit is activated.
  • If the spray gun does not spray out the solvent, turn the pressure-control knob located at the rear of the spray gun anticlockwise, until sufficient solvent is getting sprayed. Turning the knob anticlockwise will increases the pressure and is more suitable for thick fabrics, while turning the pressure control knob in a clockwise direction, reduces the pressure, and is more suitable for lighter or thinner fabrics.
  • If the unit is fitted with the adjustable nozzle (as in Arrow CM11A, Arrow CM16A, Wonder TS11A, Wonder TS16A, Chokho CK11A and Chokho CK16A), the spray pressure and spread area can be further controlled and adjusted by turning the adjustment knob located on the nozzle. You can achieve a fine mist spray, and also a piercing straight line spray, by turning this adjustment knob on the nozzle.
  • Maintain a safe distance of 5-40 centimeters between the nozzle and the fabric / item depending on the type and thickness of the fabric, nature of item, type of spot / stain, and ensure that correct pressure is adjusted.
  • Remove the dirt stain / clean the item by spraying the solvent in a circular motion moving from outside of the stain / dirt patch to the inside side or centre of the stain.
  • Once the stain has been removed and cleaned, release your finger from the trigger switch to switch off the spray gun.


  • Do not drop the unit, since it could get severely damaged. Should the unit get dropped by mistake, please thoroughly check the unit including the electrical connections for any loose contacts before further usage. If the spray gun is found to be damaged at any point, please do not use it. It must be immediately sent for repair at the nearest service centre. Before you remove the wire from the power socket, ensure that you switch off the power to the socket.
  • Do not use the unit continuously non-stop. A rest time (15 seconds on and 15 seconds off) for the unit is recommended at regular intervals to increase the working life of the spray gun. Do not use the unit with the nozzle pointing upwards.
  • Do not use the unit for spraying only water as this may cause some of the parts to wear out more faster.
  • Do not clean the unit with any type of flammable solvents / chemicals.
  • Do not use or spray any solvent/chemical, if the hazard associated with it is not known. Consult with the solvent manufacturer or dealer before use of the solvent.


  • Ensure that the unit is not connected to the power socket while you are trying out any adjustment, servicing or maintenance on the unit.
  • Ensure that the electric wire of the unit is properly secured so as to avoid any damage due to abrasion on the wire.
  • After usage of the unit for the day, open the solvent jar and empty out the solvent completely. Spray out the remaining solvent from the spray gun as well.
  • In model CM11, TS11, CK11, CM11A, TS11A, CK11A lightly oil the unit through the oil hole located at the top of the unit near the adjusting roller. Do not use more than 2-3 drops of oil. Regular machine oil can be used.
  • Fuse Replacement: The Arrow brand of spray guns are provided with a replaceable glass fuse of size 5x20mm of 800mA rating. Should the fuse need to be replaced, gently lift out the fuse assembly from inside the housing. A rubber sleeve holds together the fuse holder and the cap. Slide out the sleeve and then remove the fuse holder cover from the fuse holder and pull out the fuse. If the fuse is faulty, then replace the fuse with the spare provided or with a new one. Fit back the unit in the reverse manner it was removed. Do not pull the wires and remove the fuse assembly as this may cause the wire leads to get loose.


Each spray gun is packed individual in an inner carton box and held firmly in the box by help of EPS (Thermocole) molded supports to help avoid the unit from being damaged during transit / movement. Please keep the inner carton box and the thermocole supports safely, to enable the spray gun to be repacked by the user and transported to a different place if required.

The unit need not be repacked in the inner box if it is going to be used on a regular basis, but however, if it is required to be stored for longer periods without use, then it is recommended to either repack the unit in the original packing or pack it in a protective air tight plastic cover. Ensure that the solvent jar is totally empty and there are no remaining solvents even in the suction pipe of the spray gun.